Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whose Land?

The people in Palestine are fighting over the land of Israel today. The Jews say its their land, the Palestinians say its theirs. Whose right? The Bible says its Israel's. And the Koran says its Israel's see Sura 5:25; 7 :133.

sura 5:25: "enter o my people, the holy land which god hath destined for you."
sura 7:133: "and we gave to the people who have been brought so low, the eastern and western lands, which we had blessed as an heritage: and the good word of thy lord was fulfilled on the children of Israel because they have borne up with patience..."

Salvation in Islam?

Is the Muslim certain that he has salvation in Islam. Absolutely not! Even Muhammad wasn't even sure if he was saved as we read in the Koran: "...nor do I know what will be done with me or you...(Sura 46:8) A religion that can't assure salvation of its own prophet will certainly disappoint its adherents in the last day.

The Koran Teaches salvation by works Sura 23:104-105, but the Bible is Salvation by Grace. The Koran teaches also that all Muslims go to hell first, see Sura 19:67-72.

New Revelation?

Was Muhammad one to bring us new revelations? Absolutely not! He said himself "I Am not apostle of new doctrines..." (46:8) And we see that in all the stories that he has given, and all the ceremonies that he has given in the Koran, we have seen that it was nothing new. They were all borrowed from myths legends and paganism.

God's Word is Complete

The Bible is now complete. God's last book is the book of Revelation. There are many prophecies in the Old Testament that show you that the word of God would be complete in Jesus day, and the days of the Apostles.

In Isaiah 8:16 it says: "BIND up the testimony; SEAL THE LAW among my DISCIPLES..." Verse 20 says: "TO the law and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word [The Bible], it is because there is no light in them." This prophecy is about Jesus Christ. It talks about the "rock of offense" in verse 14, this means Christ, see 1 Peter 2:8. Then it says to bind up the law "among my disciples." Who are the Disciples? The Disciples of Christ. The last one, who was John who wrote the last book of the Bible. The Bible is now SEALED. THERE IS NO MORE TO BE ADDED TO GOD'S WORD ITS COMPLETE. So the Mormons and the Muslims and everyone else that claims extra revelation from God are claiming a total LIE and going against scripture. Jesus is called the " and FINISHER OF OUR FAITH" (Hebrew 12:2).