Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who is Allah?

(Pre-Islamic Arabia)

The Muslims say that the God of the Bible, and the god of Islam, are one and the same God? But what are the origins of Allah. Did he come from the Bible? Or from ARABIAN PAGANISM?

The word "Allah" is a contraction of "Al-ilah," 'al' meaning "the" and "ilah" meaning 'god.' Early biographers said that "al-ilah" comes from 'El" or 'Elohim," meaning the God of the Bible but, "Early scholars attested the diffusion of this belief SOLELY TO CHRISTIAN AND JUDAIC INFLUENCES. BUT NOW a growing number of authors maintain that this idea [of Allah] had older roots IN ARABIA..." (Studies in Islam, Swartz, p.12, emphasis mine).

Ceasare Farah concludes: "There is NO REASON therefore, to accept the idea that Allah passed to the Muslim from the Christians and the Jews" (Islam, p.28, emphasis mine). We must look for the ORIGINS OF ALLAH AMONG THE ARABIAN DEITIES,and NOT from the Judeo-Christian Bible!

The Arabs had tribal gods in which they worshipped. Every tribe had their own God. "The Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was born was particularly devoted to ALLAH..." (Islamic Invasion, Morey, p.51, emphasis mine). Before Muhammad was EVER BORN, his tribe worshipped Allah, and he was the CHIEF GOD OF MECCA: "Its been pointed out that Mecca was in the control of the Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was born" (ibid., pp.39-40). Since they were in control of Mecca, it was only right that their God was chief of the Kaaba in Mecca.

"In pre-Islamic days, called the Days of Ignorance, the religious background of the Arabs was pagan, and basically animistic. Through wells, trees, stones, caves, springs, and other natural objects man could make contact with the deity... At Mekka, Allah was the chief of the gods and THE SPECIAL DEITY OF THE QURAISH, THE PROPHET'S TRIBE. Allah had three daughters: " (Van Ess, John, Meet the Arab, New York, 1943, p. 29)

Zwemer writes: "But history establishes beyond the SHADOW OF A DOUBT that even the PAGAN ARABS BEFORE MUHAMMAD TIME, knew the CHIEF GOD BY THE NAME OF ALLAH...ilah is used for any god and Al-ilah (contracted to Allah, i.e, the god), was the name of the SUPREME. Among the Arabs this term denoted the CHIEF GOD of three hundred and sixty idols...As final evidence, we have the fact that centuries BEFORE Muhammad the Arabian Kaaba, the temple at Mecca, was called Beit Allah, the House of God..." (Muhammad is Mecca, pp.25-26, 31-36, emphasis mine).

Collier's Encyclopedia under "Allah" writes "...there were among the Arabs, long BEFORE THE EMERGENCE OF ISLAM worshippers of a supreme god known as Allah, and the Koran (13:17; 29:61; 31:24 [These show that the Pagan Arab and Muhammad worshipped the same Deity]) LEAVES LITTLE DOUBT that Meccans...recognized the Allah was creator and provider" (p.570, emphasis mine).

The Encyclopedia of Religion of Ethics under "Allah" writes, "The origin of this [Allah] goes back to PRE-ISLAMIC TIMES as Prof. Nokleke has shown...Muhammad found the Meccans believing in a supreme god whom they called Allah...with Allah however they associated minor deities [called] the daughters of Allah. MOHAMMED'S REFORM WAS TO ASSERT THE SOLITARY EXISTENCE OF ALLAH. The first article of the Muslim creed, therefore 'La-ilaha illa-Llahu-means only as addresses by him to the Meccans 'There exist no god except the one whom you ALREADY CALLED ALLAH" (Hastings, p.326, emphasis mine).

"Islam owes the term 'Allah to the HEATHEN ARABS...Muhammad DID NOT find it necessary to introduce an altogether novel deity but CONTEND HIMSELF OF RIDDING THE HEATHEN ALLAH OF HIS COMPANIONS [known as the daughters of Allah...Had he not been accustomed from his YOUTH to the idea of Allah as the supreme god in particular IN MECCA, it may all be doubted whether he would have come forward as a preacher of monotheism" (Ibn Warraq, Why I Am Not A Muslim, p.42, emphasis mine).

"Historians like Vaqqidi have said Allah was actually the chief of the 360 gods being worshipped in Arabia at the time Mohammed rose to prominence. Ibn Al-Kalbi gave 27 names of pre-Islamic deities...Interestingly, not many Muslims want to accept that Allah was already being worshipped at the Ka'ba in Mecca by Arab pagans before Mohammed came. Some Muslims become angry when they are confronted with this fact. But history is not on their side. Pre-Islamic literature has proved this" (G. J. O. Moshay, Who Is This Allah?, Dorchester House, Bucks, UK, 1994, pg. 134, emphasis added)

And Ceasare Farah concludes: "There were hundreds of such deities in Pagan Arabia, of all those mentioned, four appear to be most popularly revered ON THE EVE OF ISLAM: AL-UZZA, ALLAT, AND MANAT. All three female deities, popularly worshipped by the tribes of Hijaz, they were regarded as the DAUGHTERS OF ALLAH, THE GOD WHO HEADED THE ARABIAN PANTHEON WHEN MUHAMMAD BEGAN TO PREACH ALLAH WAS THE PARAMOUNT DEITY" (Islam, emphasis mine).

So the Allah that the Meccans worshipped was

  1. Chief god at Mecca in the Kaaba

  2. The same god Muhammad was proclaiming and worshipped by him and the pagan Arabs.

  3. He was worshipped centuries before Muhammad.

  4. Allah was the tribal deity of Quraysh, Mohammed's tribe, and was the supreme god of Mohammed's youth.

But now we seem to have a contradiction in history about the chief of God the Kaaba? Even though history shows that Allah was the chief god of the Quraysh, and the Kaaba. We also see a god called HUBAL WHO WAS THE CHIEF GOD OF THE KAABA, AND OF THE QURAYSH TRIBE! How can this be? Is there a contradiction in history? Let's look at some quotes from historians and scholars about Hubal, and then let's answer this question logically and from the foundations of history.

"Among the gods worshipped by the Quraysh, the GREATEST WAS HUBAL...The Quraysh had several idols in and around the Kaaba. THE GREATEST OF THESE WAS HUBAL" (F.E. Peters, The Hajj, pp.24-25, emphasis mine).

"Hubal was the PRINCIPAL DEITY [in Mecca] THE GOD OF THE MOON..." (Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, p.179, emphasis mine).

"...of the 360 idols set up in the Kaaba, the MOST IMPORTANT WAS HUBAL, THE GOD OF THE MOON...IT WAS SET UP IN THE KAABA, and became the PRINCIPAL IDOL OF THE MECCANS..." (ibid., p.161, emphasis mine).

"HUBAL WAS THE CHIEF GOD OF THE KAABA" (George W. Braswell, JR, Islam, p.44, emphasis mine).

"...THE MAIN GOD OF THE SHRINE [was] HUBAL" (Neighboring Faiths, Winfried, Corduan, p.78, emphasis mine).


  1. Hubal was the greatest god of the Kaaba

  2. Supreme god of the Quraysh tribe.

  3. Hubal was the chief god of Mecca.

How do we reconcile this obvious contradiction in history? Is this a contradiction? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have found in our research that HUBAL IS ALLAH, THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME GOD!

The Funk and Wignall's Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend says under "Allah," "The pre-Mohammedan Arabic god HUBAL HAD AS HIS TITLE ALLAHU meaning 'THE GOD'...As the PATRON OF THE KAABA AT MECCA, ALREADY SUPREME he was MAINTAINED IN MOHAMMEDAN THEOLOGY AS THE ONE GOD..." (vol.1, p.36, emphasis mine).

Under "Hubal," or "Hobal," the same dictionary says, "Some say that Hubal, was the REAL NAME OF ALLAHU, THE CHIEF GOD OF PRE-ISLAMIC TIMES, WHO BECAME THE ONE GOD OF ISLAM..." (ibid., p.499, emphasis mine).

"In Mecca, a god Hubal was worshipped, who may be IDENTICAL WITH ALLAH" (H. Ringgren and A.V Strom, Religions of Mankind, p.178, emphasis mine).

Muslims don't want to admit what history shows, the Hubal is Allah. Robert Morey writes: "Religious claims often fall before results of hard sciences such as archaeology...the hard evidences demonstrates that the god Allah was a pagan deity. In fact he was the MOON GOD[ Hubal]..." (The Moon God, Allah, p.1, emphasis mine). People of religion can say and believe anything they want, but it's what the facts show, that prove whether you are right or wrong! Hubal IS ALLAH!

In Ibn Warraq's book, Why I Am Not A Muslim, he writes about Hubal, and who he really is: "Hubal was worshipped at Mecca, and his idol...Hubal's position next to the black stone [ Muslims kiss this stone today] suggests there is some CONNECTION between the two..."Wellhausen thinks that HUBAL WAS ORIGINALLY THE BLACK STONE...Wellhausen also points out that God is called 'Lord of the Kaaba,' and 'Lord of the Territory,' of Mecca in the Koran. The prophet railed against the homage rendered at the Kaaba to the goddesses Allat, Manat, and Al- Uzza, when the pagans called them the daughters of God, but MUHAMMAD STOPPED SHORT OF ATTACKING THE CULT OF HUBAL. From this Wellhausen concludes that HUBAL IS NONE OTHER THAN ALLAH 'THE GOD' OF THE MECCANS" (p.39, emphasis mine). Why wouldn't Muhammad preach against the "CHIEF OF THE DEITIES," and say the ALLAH WAS THE GREATEST? Even the Dictionary of Islam had to admit: "ITS REMARKABLE that there is NO DISTINCT ALLUSION TO THE IDOL [Hubal] in the WHOLE QURAN" (Thomas Patrick Hughes B.D., p.181, under "Hubal," emphasis mine). He's RIGHT! It is quite remarkable that the chief of the Kaaba is not even mentioned in the Quran at all. How can MUHAMMAD TOTALLY EXCLUDE HIM?

In addition to the quote above about Allah being 'Lord of the Kaaba," Muhammad evidently said that he "received commandments to worship the 'Lord of the House' i.e. the Kaaba" (Muhammad, Tor Andrea, p.31). So its obvious he was talking about the pre-Islamic deity Hubal!

Well Muhammad did not exclude him for the simple reason: "There are stories in the sira of pagan Meccans praying to Allah while standing besides the IMAGE OF HUBAL" (Watt, Mohammed's Mecca, p.39, emphasis mine). They are one and the same! Remember The Allah of the Meccans is the same Allah that Muhmmad was proclaiming to them!

Robert Morey writes on his cultbusters website:

"Was the title al-ilah (the god) used of the moon god? YES!

"Was the word "Allah" derived from "al-ilah"? YES!

"Was the pagan "Allah" a high god in the pantheon of deities"? YES!

"Was he worshipped at the Kaaba? YES!

"Did they place the statue of Hubal on top of the Kabba? YES!

"At the time was Hubal considered the Moon god?YES!

"Was the Kaaba thus the "house of the moon god"? YES!

"Did the name "Allah" eventually REPLACE that of Hubal as the name of the Moon God? YES!"

"...Hubal the moon god, was the central focus of prayer at the KAABA and the people prayed to Hubal USING THE NAME ALLAH" (Morey at, emphasis mine).

The origin of Allah and Allat were as sun and moon deities. (Zwemmer, (Ed) The Daughters of Allah, By Winnett, F V, MWJ, Vol. XXX, 1940, pg. 120-125).

This had to be the case that Hubal and Allah are one and the same as this source says: "What deity did the Quraysh represent? The Meccan shrine accommodated Hubal...but Hubal is NOT mentioned in the Quran...a building accommodating Hubal MAKES NO SENSE AROUND A STONE REPRESENTING ALLAH [as Warraq noted originally Hubal was the black stone] if Quraysh REPRESENTED ALLAH. What is Hubal doing in the shrine?...Naturally Quraysh were polytheists, but they [the different gods] were house separately. NO PRE-ISLAMIC SANCTUARY, STONE OR BUILDING IS KNOWN TO HAVE ACCOMMODATED MORE THAN ONE [chief] MALE GOD, as opposed to one male god and a female...if Allah was a pagan god [as we have seen he is] like any other QURAYSH WOULD NOT HAVE ALLOWED HUBAL TO SHARE THE SANCTUARY WITH HIM...One who have to fall back on the view that ALLAH MIGHT SIMPLY BE ANOTHER NAME FOR HUBAL, as Wellhausen suggests; just as the Israelites knew Yahweh as Elohim, so the Arabs KNEW HUBAL AS ALLAH, MEANING GOD" (Muslim Trade and the Rise of Islam, pp.192-193, emphasis mine).