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Scientific Errors in the Koran

Some critics question just how scientific there Koran really is. Take for instance the statement that humans are made from a clot of blood: "Then we made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; Then of that clot we made a (foetus) lump; then we made out of that lump bones clothed the bones with flesh (Sura 23:14). This is scarcely a scientific description of embryonic development. For a full explanation of this go to

Here are others

  1. The Koran speaks of travelling west to "the setting of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring" (sura 18:84). Of course this is absolutely impossible.

  2. The Koran claims the earth is flat! Yes Flat! Now the Bible says the earth is "round" (Isaiah 40:22 Moffatt Translation). The Koran however"...alludes to the fact that the earth is FLAT and its mountains are like poles which create a balance so that the earth does not tilt" (Unmasking Islam, p.175, emphasis mine). In "Sura 88:17, 20, it is recorded, 'Will they not regard the camels how they are created...and the earth how it is spread?'...In page 509, Jalalan says: "in his phrase, 'how it is spread' he denotes that the earth is FLAT. ALL SCHOLARS OF ISLAMIC LAW AGREE UPON THIS. IT IS NOT ROUND AS THE PHYSICISTS CLAIM''' (ibid, p.175) The Dawood Translation translates this verse As "The earth how it was LEVELED FLAT? (88:20). See also the Suras that show the mountains like poles hold the earth in place so it won't tilt, 21:32; 50:7. Sura 2:20 says that the earth is a "bed" for us Humans. Beds are flat, so in the Koran, the earth is Flat! But is the earth flat? Absolutely Not! And mountains do NOT hold the earth steady. Any geologist will tell you that Mountains actually CAUSE EARTHQUAKES! In fact one example of the persecution of scientists in the Arab world during the time of the Arab empire, was the case of Ibn al-Haitham, whose works were branded heretical and then forgotten in the Muslim East. "A disciple of Maimonides, the Jewish philosopher, relates that he was in Bagdad on business, when the library of a certain philosopher (who died in 1214) was burned there. The preacher, who conducted the execution of the sentence, threw into the flames, with his won hands, an astronomical work of Ibn al-Haitham, after he had pointed to a delineation therein given of the sphere of the earth, as an unhappy symbol of impious Atheism" (Warraq, pp.274-275, emphasis added)

  3. The Koran also says that the sky is a solid dome or a roof, see Sura 2:20; 21:33. The New Commentary on the Whole Bible by JFB says, " allusion to the ancient Near Eastern cosmological thought that considered the earth flat with the sky A VAULT, sustained by pillars..." p.940, emphasis mine). Scientifically the Koran fails.

  4. They also boast about the Koran when it talks about creating man in different "stages" of development, see Sura 71:14, and how science shows the evolution of man from its primitive form to our present day form. The problem here is, all the different bones like Cro-Magnon man, and Neanderthal man and so on, have all been DISPROVEN TO BE PROOF OF THE EVOLUTION OF MAN, see Bones of Contention by Marvin L. Lubenow! This book is one of many that show these theories to be false. There is NO EVIDENCE THAT MAN DEVELOPED IN STAGES!

    But where did Muhammad get this theory that man was developed in "stages" as the Koran says? As we have noted above, the Muslims got their knowledge of science from the Greeks. The idea that man developed from "stages" is NOTHING NEW. THAT WAS AROUND LONG BEFORE MUHAMMAD WAS EVEN BORN, JUST LIKE THE EMBRYOLOGY IN THE KORAN WHICH CAME FROM THE GREEKS AS WELL!

    "The Great Chain of Being...patterned after PLATO. According to this concept the Almighty had created a great ladder or chain of living things, from singled celled organisms all the way up to humans, each organism being a bit more complex than the one below it...the Great chain of being we are dealing not with biblical concepts but with PAGAN GREEK PHILOSOPHY" (Bones of Contention, pp.93-94, emphasis added). So again the Koran is scientifically inaccurate.

Now there is a myth being spread by the Muslims that the Muslims were great men of science due to the Koran. But Muslims got their science from "...the works of ancient GREEKS, and the Muslims are important as the PRESERVERS and Transmitters of Greek (and Hindu) learning ...[but] most of the credit [for science] must go to the Persians, CHRISTIANS AND JEWS...There is a persistent Myth that Islam encouraged science. Adherents of this view quote the Koran and Hadith to prove their point: "Say shall those who have knowledge and those who have it not be deemed equal?' (Koran 39:12); Seek knowledge in China if necessary;' 'The search after knowledge is Obligatory for every Muslim' THIS IS NONSENSE because the knowledge advocated...IS RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE. Orthodoxy has always been suspicious of 'knowledge for his own sake,' and UNFETTERED INTELLECTUAL INQUIRY IS DEEMED DANGEROUS TO THE FAITH" (Warraq, Why I Am Not A Muslim, pp.272-273, emphasis mine). Its interesting how the Islamic achievements hit its zenith between the 10-11th centuries when they were learning science math etc of the Greeks and other classical works. Then "When Islam went fundamentalist in the 12-13th centuries, Islamic science died. That is why the Muslim world today is the most backward in the world. Even with Muslims attending Western universities, they still fall behind because Islam..."(Lewis Loflin Science & Islam, emphasis added). Amazing! Because the Islamic empire returned to the religion of Islam, the empire went downward and eventually into oblivion!

Where did they get this Knowledge?-Very few Arabs at the time of Mohammad could read or write or know arithmetic's. Mohammad himself said we are a nation that does not know how to write or to do arithmetics (nahnu 'omah la takteb wa la tahseb). The Arabs used the local tradesmen, architects and scholars of the conquered countries and learned their skills from them. The scientific measure of the Arabs at the time of Mohammad is best reflected in the Hadith and the Qur'an, which when read is not very scientific at all.

It is the Jewish prisoners of war in early Islam that taught the early Muslims how to read and write etc. and in return they received their freedom.

Also, when it came to Greek science, "most of the translators were Christians" (Warraq, p.262). Its was the Christians that translated the Greek works of science to the Arabs. These were the great scholars that taught the Arabs about science and philosophy. And during that time, "Christians and Jews continued to make so active a contribution [science]..." (ibid, p.272).

After the Arabs conquered many territories an Islamic Renaissance began. They absorbed and extended the learning of all the dominions where their sword had been successful. They now learned paper making from the Chinese, mathematics from the Indians, commerce and banking from the Jews, astronomy from the Egyptians, poetry and literature from other parts. And wherever they went, they carried with them the results of their increasing knowledge.

The so called great Muslim thinkers and philosopher's of the time were actually " the least Moslem....The Moslem mainstream of this time, on the other hand, emphasized rigid Koranic orthodoxy and deployed Greek philosophy and science solely to buttress its authority....[and when] paying little attention to the authority of the Koran, they aroused suspicion of the rulers both in North Africa and Spain, as well as in the East. Persecution, exile, and death were frequent punishments suffered by the philosophers of Islam whose writings did not conform to the canon. (The Golden Age of Islam is a Myth By Serge Trifkovic, emphasis added). Most Historians will tell you that these Muslim thinkers practiced science and philosophy in SPITE of Islam, not because of it.

Go to Qur'an, Islam and Science web site for more fallacies from the Muslims about they being the originators of modern science, when in actuality, they borrowed from the Greeks, Romans, Hindu's and other countries they conquered. The whole Muslim religion and way of life has been plagiarized from other religions and cultures of this world, there is nothing to brag about. If anyone should brag it should be everybody else.

Myth of the Golden Age-Many Muslims boast about the golden age of Islam when they ruled a vast part of the world, but actually this was due as noted above by other influences and not the religion of Islam. The religion of Islam only influenced the conquering and killing of people and spreading the religion all over the world. Once conquered, the influence of other cultures and sciences influenced the Arabs. Warraq writes: "We might distinguish three Islam's: Islam 1, Islam 2, and Islam 3. Islam 1 is what the prophet taught, that is, his teachings as contained in the Koran. Islam 2 is the religion as expounded, interpreted, and developed by the theologians through the traditions (Hadith); it includes the sharia and Islamic law. Islam 3 is what Muslims actually did do and achieved, that is to say Islamic civilization.

"If any general thesis emerges in this book it is that Islam 3, Islamic civilization, often reached magnificent heights DESPITE Islam 1 and Islam 2, and NOT because of them. Islamic, and Islamic art would not have attained those heights had they rested on Islam 1 and Islam 2. Take poetry for example. At least early on, Muhammad despised the poets: 'Those who go astray follow the poets' (sura 26:224)...As for Islamic art, the Dictionary of Islam (DOI) says, Muhammad cursed the painter or the drawer of men and animals (Mishkat, 7, ch. 1, pt. 1), and consequently they are held to be unlawful...the Hadiths are full of condemnation for 'makers of figured pictures,' who are called the 'worst of men.'...Mercifully contact with older civilizations with rich artistic traditions induced converted Muslims to flout the orthodox position, and was responsible for such masterpieces of representational art...Thus the creative impulse underlying Islamic and ...literature came from outside Islam 1 and Islam 2 from contact with older civilizations with a richer heritage...[these] were totally lacking in Arabia...Without Byzantine art and Sussanian art there would have been no Islamic art, Islam 1 and 2 were hostile to its development. Similarly without the influence of Greek art and science there would not have been Islamic art and science, for Islam 1 and 2 were certainly ill-disposed to these 'foreign sciences.' For the orthodox, Islamic philosophy was a contradiction in terms, and Islamic science futile...Some of the greatest representatives in these fields, or those who played a crucial role in their development were either non-Muslim or actually hostile to some or even all of the tenets of Islam 1 and 2" (Why I am not a Muslim, pp.1-02, emphasis added).

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