Sunday, June 20, 2010

Origin of the Kaaba

The Kaaba is a cube like structure built for Allah, where Muslims go to kiss the black stone, and pray to Allah. It is the central shrine for all Muslims.

Muslims believe that the shrine was built by Abraham and Ishmael, and the instructions were given to them by God. But history shows a different story.

"It is virtually certain that Abraham NEVER reached Mecca" (Watt, p.136, Muslim and Christian Encounters, emphasis mine).

"According to Muslim Tradition, Abrah, and Ishmael built the Kaaba...But outside these traditions there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE for this claim-whether epigraphic, archaeological, or documentary. Indeed Snouck Hurgronje has shown that Muhammad INVENTED the story to give his religion an Arabian the same time incorporating into Islam the Kabah with all its historical and religious associations for the Arabs" (Warraq, Why I Am Not A Muslim, p.131, emphasis mine).

What is its real origins?

"In pre-Mohammedan times it was believed that the stone had fallen from the moon and was sacred to the OLD MOON GOD HUBAL. The stone was enclosed in a small square temple known as the KABAH, which contained many lesser gods..." (Robert Payne, The History of Islam, p.4, emphasis mine).

"...the Kabah was in fact built as a shrine for the MOON-GOD" (Morey; The Moon God Allah, p.9, emphasis mine).

Maxine Robinson Says, "The Kaaba at Mecca, which may have been INITIALLY A SHRINE OF HUBAL ALONE..." (Life of Muhammad, p.40, emphasis mine).

"At the time of Muhammad, the Kaaba was officially dedicated to the GOD HUBAL..." (Karen Armstrong, Muhammad, p.61, emphasis mine).