Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Myth of the Rise of Islam.

It is commonly believed that Islam is the world fastest growing religion. Many writers report great leaps forward in the number of Mosques in western countries, and they give numbers for immigration which would seem to sustain the terror that Muslims will soon control the US House, the Senate, and the British Parliament.

I beg to differ. While Islam is certainly of growing religion (mostly by force in the third world), it is not the fasted growing cult at all. The myth of Islam's rapid growth is moderated greatly by understanding how Mosques come and go. Outside the Middle east, the majority of mosques are in homes and rented buildings. They flourish for a while, then the congregation regroups, as some abandon Islam., while new members immigrate into the western world fresh from the Middle East. In this process, a new location is found for the house-mosque, and the old one is abandon. I have seen very little evidence that Americans and Britain's are being converted from Catholic, Baptist, or any other churches to Islam. Actually the immigration department in the U.S are having trouble finding out how many Muslims are in the U.S because many of them are converting to Christianity.

As far as the non-western world, the new converts to Islam are often very secular. In Egypt , Coptics "convert" by going to Friday prayers. This is done so they can be seen by the Imam, and the potential employers, thus enhancing their job hunting status. The Coptic Orthodoxy is of the cheap variety anyway. This kind of "convert" to Islam becomes secularized very quickly if he moves out of Egypt to a neutral or democratic nation.

This applies to the vast majority of Muslims that you would meet all over the world. The problem is that the media never tells you about these Muslims. They only show the mad mob frenzy bigots screaming for blood on the streets of Terhan or Khartoum.

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