Sunday, June 20, 2010

Muhammad A Prophet of God?

There are conflicting versions of the call of Muhammad in the Koran. Montgomery Watt says, "Unfortunately, there are several alternative versions of these events" (For a full treatment of this contradiction see W.Montgomery Watt, Mohammed's Mecca, pp.54-68).

There are four conflicting accounts of this original call to be a prophet.

We are told in Sura 53:2-18 and sura 81:19-24 that Allah personally appeared to Muhammad and did signs in front of him.

Later on we see sura 16:104 and sura 26:192-194, that the "holy Spirit" called him.

The third account of his call is given in sura 15:8 where we are told "the angels" came down and called him. Later on this account was amended and we are told the only Gabriel called him.

The last account of his call is the most popular one the angel Gabriel called him to be a prophet sura 2:92. In the Bible However ONLY GOD calls people to be prophets. So here we see the first of many differences between the Bible and the Koran.

Another problem that Muhammad creates for himself is, the prophethood according to Muhammad can ONLY come from the line of ISAAC AND JACOB. In the Koran we read: "And we bestowed on him Isaac and Jacob, and we ESTABLISHED THE PROPHETHOOD AND SCRIPTURE AMONG HIS SEED" (Sura 29:27). Yusuf Ali adds "Abraham" into the text so Muhammad can qualify, but "Abraham is not in the Arabic text, which the Muslims claim is perfectly preserved. So according to the Koran, Muhammad CANNOT BE A PROPHET. Prophets only come from Isaac and Jacob's seed, and no other race of people can claim the office of prophethood. Also the scriptures are eastblished with Isaac and Jacob. So according to the Koran the only ones who possess God's word in a book ARE THE ISRAELITES, so the Koran is NOT THE WORD OF GOD!

Norman Geisler in his book Islam, examines the call of Muhammad and he says, "Muhammad himself questioned the divine origin of the experience. At first he thought that he was being deceived by a jinn or evil spirit. One of the most widely respected biographers, M.H. Haykal, speaks vividly of Mohammed's plaguing fear that he was DEMON POSSESSED: 'Stricken with panic, Muhammad arose and asked himself, 'What did I see? Did POSSESSION OF THE DEVIL WHICH I FEARED ALL ALONG COME TO PASS...?Haykal notes that Muhammad had feared demon possession before, but his wife talked him out of it" (p.155, emphasis mine). Even in the Koran the people of Mecca knew about his possession. In sura 15:6 it reads "they [the people of Mecca] say: 'O thou to whom the warning hath been sent down, thou art surely possessed by a djinn [evil spirit]." See also Sura 81:23.

Geisler also writes that "Another characteristic often associated with OCCULT REVELATIONS is contact with the dead (CF. Deuteronomy 18:18:9-14; Isaiah 8:19, God condemns it). Haykal relates an occasion when 'the Muslims overheard him [Muhammad] asked, 'are you calling the dead?'and the prophet answered, 'They HEAR ME NO LESS THAN YOU DO, EXCEPT THERE ARE UNABLE TO ANSWER ME.' According to Haykal even frankly admits that 'There is hence no reason to DENY the event of the prophet's visit to the cemetery of Baqi AS OUT OF PLACE CONSIDERING MOHAMMED'S PSYCHIC POWER OF COMMUNICATION WITH THE REALMS OF REALITY AND HIS AWARENESS OF SPIRITUAL REALITY THAT SURPASS THAT OF ORDINARY MEN''' (Answering Islam, pp.155-156, emphasis mine). Muhammad was right, he was possessed by a demon!

Other proofs of soothsaying or the psychic ability of Muhammad are seen throughout his life, Mr. Ankerburg says: "Guillaume describes Mohammed's other spiritualistic contacts and revelations: 'On the way back to Mecca a number of JINN OR SPIRITS ARE SAID TO HAVE JOSTLED HIM...From the books of tradition we learn that the prophet was subject to ecstatic seizures. He has reported to have said that when an inspiration came to him he felt as it were the painful sounding of a bell...At other times visions came to him in its early stages Mohammed's verses were couched in the SEMITIC FORM OF MANTIC ORACULAR UTTERANCE...VEILING OF THE HEAD AND THE USE OF RHYMED PROSE WERE MARKS OF THE ARABIAN SOOTHSAYER, WHILE THE FEELING OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AND COMPULSION...THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE OF 'POSSESSION'...SEEMED TO THE ONLOOKERS TO INDICATE MADNESS OF DEMON POSSESSION (Facts on Islam, p.12, emphasis mine). The seizures, the foaming at the mouth, the spirits hitting the person, can all be associated with the Occult and soothsaying.

This is also another form of Shamanism: "Muhammad was a SHAMAN who controlled the Jinn i.e. the spirits who lived in rocks, waters and trees (Hadith vol. 1, no 740; vol.5, no.199)" (Islamic Invasion, section 2, Appendix A, p.191, emphasis mine). Shamanism is another form of the Occult religion!