Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mohammed's Religious Background

When you look into Mohammed's background we see that he was a WORSHIPPER OF HUBAL, the ALLAH OF THE KAABA! And when we understand his background, Islam becomes more and more clear.


At Mohammed's birth, Mohammed's grandfather, who was the KEEPER OF THE KAABA, did this in front of HUBAL: "After his [Mohammed's] birth his mother sent to tell his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib that she gave birth to a boy...It is alleged that Abd al-Muttalib took him before (the idol) HUBAL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE KAABA,where he stood and PRAYED TO ALLAH, thanking him for his gift" (Guillaume, A. The Life of Muhammad, pp.66-68; see also F.E. Peters, A Reader of Classical Islam, p.45, emphasis mine). This confirms Watt's statement that: " "There are stories in the sira of pagan Meccans praying to Allah while standing besides the IMAGE OF HUBAL" (Watt, Mohammed's Mecca, p.39, emphasis mine)

It is interesting to note that Mohammed's father was called "Abdullah," meaning "the servant of Allah." Now if Mohammed's grandfather was worshipper of Hubal, and named his son and Hubal, Allah, then Hubal is Allah!

In this story about Mohammed's birth GJO Moshay writes: "In this revealing incident in the life of Mohammed's grandfather. Who was 'the Lord'? Was it Allah? What about Hubal?...From Ibn Ishaq's account here, praying to Allah was the SAME THING AS PRAYING TO HUBAL. They could practically mean the SAME THING. As HA-BAAL or HU-BAAL means 'the Lord' so Al-ilah' or 'Allah' means 'the god'''(Who is this Allah, p.136, emphasis mine). Hubal is ALLAH!

Here is another example: "For two years Muhammad remained in his [grandfather's] house overlooking the KAABA, while the old man TAUGHT HIM THE CEREMONIES ATTACHED TO THE WORSHIP OF THE MOON GOD, [Hubal] AND TOLD HIM THE LEGENDS OF THE PLACE: (Robert Payne, The History of Islam, p.11, emphasis mine).

"Muhammad was raised in the religion of the moon god, Allah" (Morey, The Moon god Allah, p.11, emphasis mine). THIS IS MUHAMMAD'S BACKGROUND

Here is an example of one of the legends that was taught to Muhammad by his grandfather.In the Koran we read about the Christian King of Abyssina who wanted to take over the Kaaba, and make it Christian. Look at what Muhammad says in the Koran: "Have you not considered how God [Allah] dealt with the army of the elephant? Did he not confound their stratagem and send against them flocks of birds which pelted them with clay stones..." (Surah 105). This happened in the year of his birth, and it was still fresh in the minds of the Meccans. Also his grandfather at the time witnessed it first hand, and taught Muhammad this story as a boy.

Look at what Robert Payne says in his book about this incident, for proof of who Allah really is, and what Muhammad learned from his grandfather: "Abd al-Muttalib offered a last prayer to the MOON GOD [Hubal] to preserve the Kaaba...The Meccans expected the Abyssinians to Advance but HUBAL HEARD THEIR PRAYERS, overnight, and epidemic perhaps an aggravated form of small pox swept through the army...No one could doubt the power of the MOON GOD [Hubal] who kept the army of the elephants at bay" (The history of Islam, p.7, emphasis mine). Now he told Muhammad that Allah, i.e Hubal was the one that saved them. This incident was still fresh in the minds of the Meccans at the time of Muhammad. Why is it in the Koran, you don't hear the Meccans rebuking Muhammad saying that Hubal saved them and not Allah if these two deities were different. Instead there is silence from the Meccans about Hubal because they already knew who ALLAH WAS, HUBAL, THE ALLAH OF THE MECCANS, AND Muhammad UNDERSTOOD IT THE SAME WAY, THAT'S WHY THERE IS NO DISPUTE!