Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does the Koran Contradict Secular History?

There are many historical mistakes in the Koran. If the Koran is the word of God then it should not contain any mistakes. Let go through some of them

  1. In Sura 105 Muhammad claims that the army of the elephant was defeated by birds dropping stones of baked clay upon them. According to historical record, Arbah's army withdrew their attack on Mecca after small pox broke out among the troop, see Guilaume Islam p.21 ff.

  2. The Kabba was not built by Abraham but by the pagan for Allah, or Hubal the moon god to encase the black stone that fell out of the sky as we have proved earlier in the book.

  3. One of the greatest errors I have seen from a religious book, is the claim that Alexander the Great, who is called the "Two Horned one," in the Koran was a MUSLIM, he worshipped Allah and lived to a good OLD AGE, see Sura 18:82-98. This error is ironclad. History shows that Alexander the Great was a pagan sodomite, and died at a young age. Daniel 8 in the Bible gives you an accurate description of Alexander the Great. Now some try and dispute this account and say it wasn't Alexander the Great but someone else. The problem with that is, the Only person in ALL OF HISTORY who was called the "two horned one" was Alexander the Great. Also this story matches exactly to the myth of Alexander the Great in a book called the "Romance of Alexander." And Even Muslim scholars recognized that this is speaking of Alexander the Great, see Yusuf Ali's Translation of the Koran. Warraq says: "The account of Alexander the Great (Sura 18:82) is hopelessly confused historically, and we are certain it was based on the Romance of Alexander. At any rate, the Macedonian was NOT A MUSLIM, and he did not live to an OLD AGE, nor was he a CONTEMPORARY OF ABRAHAM, as Muslims contend" (Why I Am Not A Muslim, p.158-159, emphasis added). The Encyclopedia Britannica writes: "His [Mohammed's] account of Alexander introduced as the 'Two Horned One' (Sura 18:82), is derived from the ROMANCE OF ALEXANDER, which was current among the Nestorian Christians of the 7TH CENTURY IN A SYRIAC VERSION" (15:479, emphasis mine). How can we rely on a book that is filled with so many errors as the Koran! Go to this web site for absolute proof that its talking about Alexander the Great.

  4. The Koran denies the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Sura 4:157-158). The crucifixion is an absolute historical fact. There are non-Christian, Roman, Christian, and Jewish sources that will testify that Jesus was actually crucified on that Passover day. Read Lee Strobel's book The Case for Christ. He has his Law degree at Yale, and was a former Journalist for the Chicago Tribune who denied Christianity, and put his Law skills to the test. When he was done his investigation he realized that the Bible is Historically accurate and Jesus did die and was resurrected! See also this web site for the crucifixion being a historical fact! and