Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does the Bible and the Koran Contradict?

The Koran says that the Bible and the Koran agree with one another, that there is no difference between the two: "We believe in God and that which has been sent down us [Koran], and sent down on Abraham and Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob, and the [Israelitish] tribes, and in that which was given to Moses [the law] and Jesus [the Gospel], and the prophets of their Lord; we make NO DIVISION between any of them..." (Sura 2:130; 3:78). But there are many differences between the two books.

  1. As we have shown earlier, the Quran says creation took place in 8 days, the Bible says 6 days.

  2. We showed you earlier that one of Noah's son died in the flood, but the Bible says all his sons were saved. Sura 11:4-6 says the ark landed on mount Judi, the Bible says it landed on the Mountains of Ararat, which was east of the land of Shinar, most likely in Iran!

  3. The Koran says that Abraham's father was called Azar, sura 6:74, but the Bible says Terah Gen 11:27.

  4. Abraham did not live and worship in Mecca, sura 14:38, but south of Bethel according to the Bible, see Gen 13:3. "It is virtually certain that Abraham NEVER reached Mecca" (Watt, p.136, Muslim and Christian Encounters, emphasis mine).

  5. It was Abraham's son Isaac, not Ishmael that was sacrificed, see Sura 37:100-110 and Gen 22.

  6. He did not build the Kaaba, as history has shown us and it is not in the Bible, see Sura 2:121-122

  7. He was not thrown into the fire by Nimrod as the Koran claims, see Sura 21:60-69. This is a very serious error in Biblical and secular history. Nimrod was dead for centuries while Abraham walked this earth.

  8. The Koran says Joseph was named Aziz Sura 12:21 ff, when his name was really Potiphar Gen 37:36.

  9. It was not Pharaoh's wife that adopted Moses Sura 28:7-8, it was Pharaoh's daughter, Exodus 2:5.

  10. Noah's flood did not take place in Moses day Sura 2:248-9; 7:130-132 compare 7:57 ff. This error cannot be easily swept aside.

  11. The Koran says Haman lived in Egypt during Pharaoh's day in the time of Moses building the tower of Babel, Suras 28:5-7,:38; 29:38; 40:24-25, 38-39. But Haman actually lived in Persia 1000 years later, see the book of Esther. This contradicts secular as well as biblical history.

  12. Crucifixion was not used in Pharaoh's time, the time of Moses, see Sura 7:121. This also contradicts secular history. The Carthaginians are the ones who invented crucifixion, and then the Romans took it from them.

  13. Mary, the mother of Jesus, her father was not Imram Sura 66:12. Muslims say she was a descendant of Aaron, but Sura 3:30-43 plainly says that she gave birth to Mary and Imram said a prayer when she was born, and Zechariah took care of her when she was born. She is also called the "sister of Aaron" Moses' brother, see Sura 19:29. Mary and Aaron live thousands of years apart from each other! Muhammad confused her with Miriam the sister of Moses and Aaron.

  14. She did not give birth to Jesus under a palm tree, but in a stable, see Sura 19:20-23; Luke 2:1-20

  15. Muhammad made up fictional speeches of the people in the Bible, using such words as "Muslim" and "Islam" which were not used in the languages of those people at that time. These people did not call themselves Muslims, see Suras 2:122-126; 3:45-52, 60; 7:120-126; etc...

  16. The test of how the soldiers would drink the water from the stream did not take place in the days of Saul when David defeated Goliath, but many years earlier with Gideon, compare Sura 2:250 with Judges 7:1-8

  17. In Sura 20:87-88, 96 we are told that the Israelites built a golden calf at the suggestion of the "Samaritan." Muhammad did not know that Samaria was founded by the Israelites under King Omri, and then when Assyria took them away captive in 721 B.C. they put other races people into Samaria years after Moses in the wilderness. This also contradicts secular as well as Biblical history.

The Encyclopedia Britannica says, "The deviations [in the Koran] from the Biblical narratives are very marked, and can in most cases be traced back to the LEGENDARY ANECDOTES OF THE JEWISH HAGGADA AND THE APOCRYPHAL GOSPEL. Much has been written concerning the sources from which Muhammad derived his information;there is no evidence THAT HE WAS ABLE TO READ, and his dependence on ORAL COMMUNICATION may explain some of his misconceptions..." (see samples above 13:479, emphasis mine). This is true even in the Koran he called the "Unlettered Prophet" (7:156).

Arabic scholar Edward Sell says, "He certainly did not get them from the Old Testament. The confusion of names is quite remarkable" (Studies, p.225).

"As pagan, Jewish, and Christian traders sat around the fire telling each other favorite stories, they would get the names times and events all jumbled up and confused" (Morey, Islamic Invasion, p.141). The worst to preserve anything is through human memory. Our human memories are too fragile to remember details of history. This is why God commanded Moses and the prophets, and the whole Bible for that matter to be "written in a book," as EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY!